Prepping / Wash Bay Standard Operating Procedure

  1. Pull car into wash bay and open all doors, hood, trunk and gas door.
  2. Remove all floor mats, carpet and rubber.
  3. Asses the engine bay and cover any and all sensitive electronics, also vacuum any leaves or debris on your cowl and truck jamb.
  4. Using an APC/degreaser, starting from one corner and working your way around. Spray each tire and inner fender well and jamb making your way to the engine. And then around to your starting point. Example ( LR tire, T Jamb, Gas door, RR Tire, RR door, RF Door,  engine front grill area, windshield, LF tire, LF door, LR Door)
  5. Using a soft bristle brush, agitate all areas like tires, underhood and engine.
  6. Spray the appropriate wheel cleaner on the wheels and do a quick agitation. Not looking for perfection.
  7. Turn on your pressure washer and work your way around the vehicle, Using the same path as stated above. Spray the spots that were degreased and the engine and body.
  8. With the car wet you may now address the wheels and get more detailed in your cleaning of them.
  9. If you have a helper have them start soaping and washing the car while you address the wheels,
  10. Soap and scrub
  11. You may clay at this point if you wish
  12. Rinse
  13. Rather than clay you may use a chemical decontamination process, scrub the surface
  14. Rinse
  15. Dry
  16. Use compressed air or blower to help with drying.

NOTE: The floor mats maybe sprayed during step #4 and then rinsed during step #7 and hang to remove heavy water.

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