iK Sprayer

  • Can I make my iK multi-sprayer foam?

    The iK multi-sprayer was designed with a tube that goes right into the spray head. Switching out the tips will not enable the multi sprayer to create foam. It does not have the required hardware necessary to create foam that the foam 1.5 and 9 have.
  • How many pumps does the iK sprayer take?

    You pump the sprayer to pressurize the air inside the compartment, meaning if there is more air (low water/soap level), it will require more pumps to fully pressurize it, and vice versa. The release valve on the top of the sprayer will make a noise to let you know when you have reached maximum p...
  • My sprayer is not working. What can I do to try and fix it?

    Always make sure that you have not overfilled the sprayer. The max capacity of liquid should be at the 35oz line. Also, make sure you have pumped the sprayer until the release valve makes a noise. Ensure your handle is screwed on tight, including the spray nozzle.
  • What dilution should I use for the iK sprayer?

    In the foam sprayers dilution is super important. If you are using an all purpose cleaner, you will want to use a minimum of 5:1 (5 parts water to 1 part APC). Since car wash soap is a thicker solute, a 1:34 ratio tends to work really well. After adding water & soap into the canister, we r...
  • What do the different color tips mean?

    The green tip is used to create dry foam, which is great for interiors. The orange tip produces wet foam, which is really clingy, long-dwelling foam. The grey tip is for foam right in the middle.