iK Sprayers - What is the difference between the 3 sprayers and what chemicals work best in them?

The Foam 1.5 & 9 create three different varieties foam,
and the Multi 1.5 is designed to spray chemicals that you may not want foamed
or cannot foam.

  • The 1.5 Multi is designed for applying products designed to be sprayed as a liquid. Uses could be applying rinse-less wash, all purpose cleaners, clay surface prep, clay lubrication, and more.
  • The Foam 1.5 is perfect for smaller area foam jobs such as, wheel cleaning, application of chemical de-contaminant, foamed all purpose cleaners, car wash soap, and interior cleaners.
  • The Foam 9 can be used for applications similar to the Foam 1.5, but on a bigger surface. The Foam 9 would be best for foaming an entire car.

Below we have linked a video we created as
an overview of each iK Sprayer so you can determine which products will be best
for you.

YouTube: iK Detailing Sprayers | Frequently Asked Questions

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