How do I know if the Dealer PRO-gram is right for me?

If you can answer YES to all the following questions, the Dealer PRO-gram is probably right for you:

  • Are you a re-seller with a valid state issued Sales Tax Resale or Exemption Certificate?
  • Are you able to spend a minimum of $500 on each order?
  • Are you interested in receiving the best pricing available online for quality microfiber and other products for re-sale?

What if I can't answer yes to all the questions above but I do own / manage / or purchase for a business and want the best deals?

Then the Business PRO-gram is probably the best fit for you with substantial everyday business discounts designed for end users of our products.

Here is the best way of evaluating which program is best for your business order:

  • I'm a Re-seller and my order will be $500 or more = Dealer PRO-gram
  • I'm a Re-seller and my order will be less than $500 = Business PRO-gram
  • I'm an End User and I own, manage, or purchase for a business = Business PRO-gram
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