Business PRO-gram Rules

  • The BUSINESS PRO-gram is open to all types of professional businesses with an active/verifiable website, FaceBook page, Instagram feed, other Social Media, State Business Registration Number or other means of validating an active status
  • Approval of BUSINESS PRO-gram membership is at the discretion of The Rag Company based upon the business validation information provided during the application process.  The Rag Company also reserves the right to cancel membership at any time
  • Online Coupon Codes cannot be “stacked” – only one coupon code may be used per order. Use the coupon code that works best for you for any particular order
  • Your businesses’ unique assigned Coupon Code may only be used by the approved business and cannot be shared with other non-related individuals or businesses.  The code is intended only for your own businesses’ official use.  Repeat violators of this rule will be notified and have their assigned code de-activated / canceled for future use
  • You must use your assigned/approved membership Coupon Code during checkout to receive all applicable BUSINESS PRO-gram discounts. The discounted product pricing will be reflected in your shopping cart AFTER your code has been entered and accepted (look for the Coupon Code prompt during the checkout process)

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